Teens and Dating

Waiting for Commitment


The feelings of teenagers and young adults are often very intense, so their parents can find they are counselling them to practice patience. While their parents want the best for them, they are chafing against rules they feel are keeping them from being with the one they love. Waiting for commitment is a good idea, but it is difficult to see when life seems to be rushing past in a blur. For those who listen to their parents and wait, life can be a wonderful time with the right person.

Dating for some young adults is not a serious matter, and many today have made their own commitments to wait until they are finished with advanced schooling and a career before they get into a serious relationship. They have seen what hasty decisions in the arena of love have done to their friends, so they are less than eager to bind their own life to someone else’s before they have achieved some of their own goals.

It might seem difficult to believe there are teens and young adults committed to remaining single until they have matured, but there are some who have realized the right person will be willing to wait until they are ready. Their parents might breathe a sigh of relief when they realize their child has already learned to practice patience, and they could be much more willing to encourage a relationship where the other person understands it could be years before a commitment is reached.

It is not easy for young people entering the world of adults to wait for anything, but those who are wise beyond their years will keep their own commitments in check. They might not wish to wait before they settle down with the right person, but their patience could be rewarded with a lifetime of love.