Teens and Dating


The Dating Rules

Parents who are concerned their child is at the age where they think they are ready to begin dating need to have a firm groundwork...


The First Breakup

Teens often date more than one person before they finally become young adults, and parents need to be prepared to help them through the breakup....


Not The Right One

Many parents are appalled when their teenager announces they have found the love of their life and plan to marry right after graduation, and they...


Waiting for Commitment

The feelings of teenagers and young adults are often very intense, so their parents can find they are counseling them to practice patience. While their...


Coming of Age

The rocky road to adulthood can be the most difficult just before it is achieved, and many parents have found that their child coming of...


Group Dating

Parents are often anxious when their children begin dating, and many of them breathe a sigh of relief when they realize that group dating has...


Missing Curfew

The parents of many teens have found it is best to enforce their rules with consequences, and missing curfew is one that demands they take...

Parents look forward to the days when their children will be grown, married and beginning their own families. They see life as grandparents as a wonderful way to progress, but few of them are quite so enamored with those thoughts when their children are teens and dating. Their perspective on life is one of concern, and they worry their child will end up with the wrong person. They play scenarios in their minds that show them how everything will fall apart, and they often bring their objections up for discussion.

For those who are beginning to experience their adolescent children looking for dates, it is best to lay down a few ground rules. Insisting on a certain level of behavior will help guide their child in the right direction, and it could keep them from late nights of worrying excessively. While their young dater might not appreciate it at the time, those rules will help them find someone who is responsible and caring.