Teens and Dating

The Dating Rules


Parents who are concerned their child is at the age where they think they are ready to begin dating need to have a firm groundwork laid beforehand, so it is important for them to discuss a set of dating rules with their child. These should be balanced between allowing their child the freedom to date while keeping them safe, and they should be discussed prior to the last minute before a first date. It could be helpful to write them down so there are no misunderstandings between the parties.

The majority of children have a curfew, and maintaining it when dating begins is a good idea. Even if their youngster believes they are old enough to make their own decisions, they are generally too young to recognize the dangers of staying out late with a friend or a date. Remaining firm about a curfew is a good way to let them know they are still under age, and it will give the adults a measure of control.

A curfew can also be a good way for the young person to be able to maintain their own control if their date is not to their liking. They can leave a party or dangerous situation by saying they must be home, and they can then insist if necessary. It might seem before they go out to be a ridiculous way to be treated, but parents should discuss the need for being able to get out of a situation where they believe they might be in trouble. Stressing the fact that this is a safety measure for them might be a helpful tool when discussing the rules.

Other rules the parents might impose would be going out in a group, or they could demand any potential dates must meet them and receive permission to ask their child out. These are ways to ensure their child knows they are maintaining an interest in the people they are spending time with, and it gives the parents the ability to keep them safe.