Teens and Dating

Ready to Listen


Teenagers seem to always believe their parents were born married to each other, never dated, and they believe their parents could not possibly understand how they feel. It is a sad truth their own parents had to go through the same teenage angst they did, and many of them discovered life and dating was not all they imagined it to be when they were the same age. It might be difficult to watch a young adult go through this stage of life, but parents must be ready to listen. It is the best way to keep up with their child at this stage of life, and it could be the one way they have to sway them onto a better path for their future.

Breaking away from their parents is a normal part of becoming a young adult, but their decisions and ideas are not always as mature as they believe. Those who have cared for them since birth often recognize when their child is going down a wrong path, but they need to patiently teach them how to get back to where they need to be for a successful life. It is not an easy chore, but it can be the most important time in the child's life. Listening to what they say and how they say it could give clues as to where the youngster's life is really headed.

Dating is difficult at any age, yet the turmoil during adolescent years can make it even worse. A teen might choose an unsuitable date to defy their family, and getting in over their head is often par for the course. Listening to them and advancing advice sparingly is often a more successful gambit than yelling and restricting a young adult. Parents will need to be able to balance what they hear against what control they have left to find the right way to solve issues before they become major problems.

Teens rarely see their own parents as people who once went through life with the same feelings they have, and it can cause a large gap within their relationship. Learning how to talk to their own parents is a new skill they must master, so it is important to listen without harsh judgment before giving advice.