Teens and Dating

Missing Curfew


The parents of many teens have found it is best to enforce their rules with consequences, and missing curfew is one that demands they take action. Few youngsters realize the dangers in the modern world, and even dating someone they have known all their life can cause issues to arise. Parents want their children to be safe, and they still think of them as needing protection even as they strike out on their dating adventures. Enforcement can take many forms, and each one chosen will bring resentment from their child as they ensure their safety. Dating can be a time when parents face too much worry, but they will feel better once they begin restricting their teen children for doing something they know they should not.

Curfews are often put in place because parents know their adolescents often ignore the time, and they want them to understand they need to be responsible. Being home at a certain hour is about proving they are ready to take on more adult decisions, so a few minutes late is something parents will not always tolerate. If their youngster was out on a date and there was a mishap, they might be willing to forego consequences. Those who simply do not bother to be on time will find their parents less than forgiving, so the consequences could seem unreasonable.

There are few adults who are eager to face the consequences when they do something wrong, so there should be little wonder that teens feel the same way. They expect their parents to understand their life is their own, but many of them fail to see how important following the rules can be for their own safety. Many parents have found that restricting their children works well, and removing their electronics has become a standard punishment. It might seem unfair, but it can help adolescents become responsible adults when they are forced to pay the price for bad behaviour.