Teens and Dating

Dealing with Gossip


Parents do their best to raise children who will be an asset to their society, and it can be a trying time when their youngsters turn into teens. The lack of respect, the constant arguments, and even the rolled eyes become an irritant. While parents might tend to wonder if their teens will ever become responsible adults, their children are wondering what happened to those reasonable people who used to live with them. The lack of communication between parents and teens can be difficult enough to bear, but when something happens on a date they might find they are dealing with gossip of the worst sort.

Teenagers go out and break up on a regular basis, but their feelings during their relationship are often ones they are unable to manage. Their lack of experience with strong affection or love can make them forget their homework, their job responsibilities, and they might even forget to feed the family pets. Parents suffering through this time with them are often reduced to nagging, but many have found patience is also a virtue they need to practice. When their child brings home someone they find less than acceptable, their biggest concerns could be apparent.

Dating someone outside of a social or economic niche is often seen as bad, and parents could find out from the neighbors or someone at their social club. Children seem to have their own radar as to acceptable standards their parents have, and dating someone outside of them is a dare often seen as worthwhile.

Gossip from the neighbors is bad enough, but parents are then faced with questioning their child. It can be an acrimonious event, but getting the truth is best for all parties. Insisting on meeting the person might be a good way to show the teen their affections are understood, and accepting the person might lead the relationship to cool quickly.